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Employer's Obligations for Georgia State Payroll Taxes

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Use 123PayStubs, to know your tax liabilities for the pay period and also to generate the pay stubs for your hourly or salaried employees and contractors in Georgia.

All you need to do is to enter the basic details like company information, employee, and earnings information to get started. Our Georgia paystub generator will do all the math for you and generate pay stub with accurate calculations.

Also, 123PayStubs provides information about the payroll requirements for the state of Georgia.

Calculate Georgia State Payroll Taxes and Generate Paystubs Instantly

Why 123Paystubs?

  • Easy-to-use paystub generator
  • Accurate Withholding Calculations
  • FICA Tax Calculation
  • YTD Calculation
  • Withholding calculation based on 2020 Form W-4
  • Includes FUTA & SUTA
  • Manage Additional Earnings & Deductions
  • Make Unlimited Corrections
  • Get first Paystub for Free

123PayStubs is more than a paystub generator.

No matter which part of Georgia your business operates in, our Georgia paystub generator will let you create pay stubs for your employees and contractors with accurate tax calculations including all cities like Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta. You only have to provide a few basic information such as company, employee and salary details and our pay stub generator will calculate all the applicable taxes swiftly based on the information provided. It will take less than 2 minutes to generate a pay stub. Employees and contractors in Georgia can use the pay stubs as proof of income.

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