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Form W-4

Understand the new Changes in 2020 Form W-4 and see how the withholding calculations have changed now.

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FICA Taxes

Get a clear understanding of FICA taxes, tax rates of Social Security and Medicare taxes.

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An overview of FUTA and FUTA Tax rates, Tax Credits, FUTA Calculations, Due Date, and the Credit Reduction State

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Detailed instructions of SUTA, tax rates and wage limit for each state, payments and due date.

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Year to Date

This article gives clear instructions on how to calculate and reconcile YTD on the paystub.

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Do it Yourself Payroll

A quick guide to do payroll, tax deposits and filings on your own. Get started with tax reporting and filing purposes.

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Minimum Wage

Get a clear understanding on the minimum wage rate, Federal, State, and local state laws and its impact on payroll.

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Contractor Payroll

A step by step guide for independent contractors to get started with the payroll process.

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A comprehensive guide on payday and its importance in the payroll process.

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Payroll Tax Deposits

Understanding the payroll tax deposits and the IRS tax payments.

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Pay Stub

Understand each element on the pay stub such as Company, Employee information, deductions and taxes on the paystub.

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Time off Policies

Employers in the United States who have regular employees working for their company provide time off under different categories.

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