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123PayStubs offers best-in-class features to create pay stubs easily and quickly.

Accurate Tax Calculations Accurate Tax Calculations

Unlike other pay stub generators, our paystub generator Calculates taxes accurately based on employees’ W-4 withholdings. You may also choose to calculate taxes at the supplemental tax rate.

First Pay Stub for Free First Pay Stub for Free

Explore our paystub generator for free. Yes! Create your first pay stub for free, including all add-ons, and experience how 123PayStubs can help your business.

Free Pay Stub Templates Free Pay Stub Templates

The pay stubs you issue to your employees or contractors should look professional and reflect your business. Browse through our list of pay stub templates and choose the perfect one for your business. And, the best part is it’s completely free!

Free Corrections Free Corrections (Unlimited)

You can’t be right all the time, and sometimes mistakes too happen. You don’t have to worry about that anymore as you can correct those mistakes in pay stubs any number of times with no additional charge.

Mobile App (Android & iOS) Mobile App (Android & iOS)

Create pay stubs on the go using our mobile app available on both Android and iOS. Only pay stub generator app with accurate tax calculations and best user interface.

Supports 2020 & 2019 Form W-4 Supports 2020 & 2019 Form W-4

Choose to calculate your employees’ Federal withholding taxes accurately based on 2020 Form W-4 and also prior year W-4. Provide the required information and we’ll calculate the accurate tax amounts.

Year to Date Calculations Year to Date Calculations

Keeping track of year-to-date values from previous payroll data might be impossible while creating pay stubs every time. With our pay stub generator you can keep track of year to date values regularly.

FUTA taxes FUTA taxes

Opt to add FUTA taxes you pay for your employees to their pay stubs with no additional charge. Just provide the flat amount of FUTA taxes for the current pay period and last YTD value.

SUTA taxes SUTA taxes

Opt to add SUTA taxes you pay for your employees to their pay stubs with no additional charge. You just have to provide the flat amount of SUTA taxes for the current pay period and last YTD value.

Local taxes Local taxes

Does your state contain local taxes? We’ve got your back! Other than regular withholding taxes, our paystub generator accurately calculates any local payroll taxes imposed by cities and local jurisdictions.

Disability and Family Leave Insurance Disability and Family Leave Insurance

Opt to calculate disability insurance for the employee if your state mandates employee contribution towards it. You may also opt to include family leave insurance if needed.

Employer Taxes Employer Taxes

Include employer-paid state-specific taxes to employee taxes with no additional charge. Simply enter the taxes you paid for the current period and year to date.

Additional Earnings & Deductions Additional Earnings & Deductions

Add additional earnings such as bonus and overtime, and deductions you want to deduct from the employee’s pay to pay stubs easily. Also, you can customize the earnings and deductions as per your needs.

Company Logo Company Logo

Want to add your company logo to pay stubs? We’ve got you covered! Personalize pay stubs that you generate for your employees and contractors by adding the company logo.

Deposit Slip Deposit Slip

Opt to include a deposit slip to your employee and contractor pay stub with the net pay for their reference.

Pay Stub History Pay Stub History

Reaching out to different folders of your storage to access pay stubs is long gone. Access your history of pay stubs anywhere anytime when you create pay stubs with us!

Download or Email Pay Stubs Download or Email Pay Stubs

Download pay stubs to your local storage, print, and issue it manually to employees after completing the order or send it directly to the employees by email right from the 123PayStubs.

Multiple Pay Stubs Multiple Pay Stubs

Create multiple pay stubs, up to 20 stubs, for an employee or contractor at a time. You just have to provide the basic information once, and we’ll use the same information for all the pay stubs to calculate taxes.

Time off Policies Time off Policies

Some states have mandated that employers need to show the available time-off hours on their employees’ pay stubs. To be compliant with those state laws, we offer an option to add time-off policies applicable to an employee and their available balance.

Address Book Address Book

We know the difficulty of entering an employee or contractor’s info or even your company info repeatedly when you create a pay stub. Address book lets you save all the information and pull out the same whenever you create pay stubs.

Payday Reminder Payday Reminder

Do you often forget to create pay stubs for your employees? Set a reminder based on your pay schedule and payday, and we’ll remind you to create pay stubs by email based on your preference.

Copy of Pay Stub Copy of Pay Stub

Ever wanted to duplicate a pay stub of an employee and change the earning details alone to get the process done quickly? You can easily make a copy of an employee/contractor’s pay stub, update the earning details, and complete the order.

Pay Stubs for Contractors Pay Stubs for Contractors

Using our pay stub generator, create pay stubs for independent contractors and add deductions from the contractors’ pay in minutes.

Pay Stubs for Gig Workers Pay Stubs for Gig Workers

Create pay stubs for those who earn by doing non-traditional work. Using our pay stub maker, creating pay stubs for gig workers is simple, easy, and, most importantly, affordable.

Pay Stubs for Truck Drivers and Dispatchers Pay Stubs for Truck Drivers and Dispatchers

With our pay stub generator, create pay stubs for truck drivers and dispatchers with all the applicable earning types such as pay per load, pay per mile, pay per hour, etc. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Salaried or hourly employees Salaried or hourly employees

Create pay stubs for employees who have been paid hourly and flat amounts. Switch between hourly and salaried employees and provide the salary information. We’ll take care of the rest.

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