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If you’re spending more time doing your business payroll than focusing on the growth of the business, it’s time to make a wise decision. There are multiple pay stub generators available online to lift off your payroll burden and save your precious time by totally eliminating manual calculations.

Though switching to create pay stubs online is a good option, you should choose the best pay stub generator by analyzing and comparing the features offered. Well, thank us later, because we’ve done that for you. Here’s the features breakdown for the paystub generator. Choose the best paystub generator and cut down your time spent on payroll.

Features 123PayStubs Other Providers
First Pay Stub Free Tick Cross
Mobile App (iOS & Android) Tick Cross
Auto Calculation Tick Tick
Contractor Pay Stub Tick Tick
Company Logo Tick Cross
Pay Stub Templates Free Free
Earnings & Deductions Tick Tick
Deposit Slip Tick Cross
Email Pay Stub Tick Tick
Order History Tick Tick
Address Book Tick Cross
Free Corrections Tick Cross
Phone Support Tick Tick
Email Support Tick Tick
Chat Support Tick Tick
Pricing $3.99/stub
(Lowest Price in the Industry)

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